Terms and conditions of KriKzy Fantasy Cricket App



Welcome to KriKzy! These Terms and Conditions govern your use of our Fantasy Cricket Mobile App. By accessing or utilizing our app, you explicitly agree to abide by these terms. In the event of dissent with any aspect of these terms, kindly refrain from engaging with our app.


1. User Accounts:

1.1. You must attain a minimum age of 18 years to engage with our app. Upon creating an account, you affirm your conformity with the stipulated age criterion.
1.2. The safekeeping of your account particulars, encompassing your username and password, rests upon your shoulders. All actions conducted under your account are deemed your responsibility.
1.3. You pledge to provide accurate and contemporaneous information during the registration process and to maintain the currency of your account details.


2. App Utilization:

2.1. KriKzy serves as a platform for users to partake in fantasy cricket contests contingent upon actual cricket matches.
2.2. You discern and acknowledge that participation in fantasy contests entails an element of proficiency, with outcomes contingent upon the real-time performance of cricket players.
2.3. Your utilization of the app is confined to legitimate pursuits, abstaining from any activity that transgresses local, national, or international statutes and regulations.


3. Contest Engagement:

3.1. Users can access contests by formulating teams comprising real-world cricket players within designated budgetary confines. The performance of the selected players will ascertain points and rankings.
3.2. Contest entry may incur charges. You explicitly consent to disburse the specified entry fee for contest engagement.
3.3. Contest victors will be identified based on the scoring mechanism delineated within the app, with prizes conferred as stipulated in the contest particulars.


4. Payments and Transactions:

4.1. All financial transactions, encompassing deposits and entry fees, are meticulously processed via secure payment gateways integrated with our platform.
4.2. You recognize that deposits rendered to your KriKzy account wallet are exclusively subject to refund exclusively to your KriKzy wallet, provided one or more 'Valid Reasons for Refunds' outlined in Section 2 of our Refund Policy are substantiated. Such refunded amounts are expressly earmarked for utilization solely in contest participation.


5. Equitable Conduct and Anti-Fraud Measures:

5.1. Any manifestation of fraudulent activity, inclusive of but not confined to unauthorized software deployment, scripting, or manipulation of app mechanics, is categorically forbidden.
5.2. Users implicated in unjust practices may encounter disqualification from contests, coupled with potential suspension or termination of their accounts.


6. Intellectual Property:

6.1. All software components and User Interface Design (UI/UX), are the exclusive domain of KriKzy, shielded by pertinent copyright and intellectual property regulations.
6.2. A constrained, non-exclusive, non-transferable license is granted for personal and non-commercial app utilization.


7. Limitation of Liability:

7.1. KriKzy shoulders no liability for losses, damages, or injuries stemming from app usage, encompassing contest participation.
7.2. The precision, entirety, or promptness of information within the app is not guaranteed.


8. Modification of Terms:

8.1. KriKzy reserves the prerogative to revise, amend, or update these Terms and Conditions sans prior notification.
8.2. Continued app usage subsequent to amendments to the terms implies acknowledgment and consent to the revised terms.


9. Contact Information:

For queries or concerns regarding these Terms and Conditions, kindly direct your correspondence to our support team at support [at] krikzy [dot] com.